Mask Wearing Policy

It is the policy of the Donald Heiter Community Center to follow all State, Federal, and Local guidelines, orders, mandates, and recommendations, especially in regards to public health and safety. The Donald Heiter Community Center (DHCC) has adopted the following policy in reflection of the Covid-19 Global Pandemic. This Policy will remain in effect until Governor Orders and the Board of Directors have opted to change it. Notification of all changes will be made to employees via email or memo. 

Governor Wolf and Secretary Levine ordered that all employees, volunteers, and participants must, properly, wear an approved face mask at all times when working for “Indoor Recreation”, “Summer Camps”, “After School Programs”, and “Community Centers”. The DHCC is categorized as all of these and, as such, we are required to follow such mandatory orders.   

This includes having a properly fitting, clean, mask that fully covers your nose and mouth. If you cannot afford these, they will be provided to you. Masks must be kept on even if you are socially distanced from all people or physical barriers are in place. 

The employee or volunteer: 

  • Is responsible to wear a mask during all Donald Heiter Community Center sponsored programs and activities, even when you’re not being paid. If you are in the building or participating in a DHCC sponsored activity masks must be properly worn.
  • Must provide a written medical excuse from your doctor if wearing a mask will cause you illness. The doctor’s written orders must state that it’s understood that you will be working long hours with children and other members of the public in close proximity.
  • Is allowed to remove your mask for short amounts of time, only when a minimum of 6 feet away from other people, not visible by the public, to eat or drink. Gum, mint or candy chewing does not warrant mask removal.
  • Must take your temperature upon arriving at the DHCC for your shift and every 4 hours thereafter, and to wash or sanitize your hands every hour. Adults must range between 97F (36.1C) and 99F (37.2C). Please don’t report for your shift if your temperature exceeds this and notify a supervisor immediately.
  • Must report illness, immediately, to a supervisor.
  • Must report a positive Covid-19 Test Result within 24 hours of receiving your results to a supervisor. 

Mask wearing is not a political statement of the DHCC, its board members, supervisors, staff members or affiliates. It is a government order by the State of Pennsylvania and a requirement of our insurance provider therefore this is nonnegotiable. Failure to comply with these mask wearing policies will lead to the disciplinary action outlined on page 29, section 1, of your policy manual.