Sweeten Your Spirits

Friday February 5th
Saturday February 6th

In previous years, Chocolate Festival has hosted over 450 guests through multiple chocolate themed events. These events will look a little different this year due to the pandemic.  Community events boost the spirit of our neighbors, friends, and even ourselves. In the midst of a dark winter and after such a tough year, “Sweeten Your Spirit” gives participants a chance to light up their life and enjoy some wholesome and safe fun while supporting their town. 

Take time to celebrate. Celebrate that our town is still here. We are still supporting one another. We are still able to make a lot of good happen in our lives. We can still celebrate some of our favorite things here on this Earth, including the gift of chocolate. 

But, we can’t do anything without your support and participation. The key to success for this event, and the Donald Heiter Community Center, is YOU.

There are a variety of ways to participate in the Chocolate Festival – choose one or all!

Chocolate Tour    Chocolate Un-Gala    Professional Displays     Raise the Paddle